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Into the Wild Retreat Eco-Friendly Glamping Tents

We've taken our glamping tents to the next level. In order to minimize the ongoing carbon footprint, we've introduced solar into our eco-friendly glamping tents. Our king suite tents include a power bank that is fed by multiple solar panels sewn directly into the awning over your deck. These solar panels allow our guests to enjoy even more of the luxury comforts that come with glamping without a generator or tapping into the grid. Our tents are equipped with enough panels to charge a laptop, phones, small fans, and even a coffee maker! The use of these panels has also allowed us to accommodate guests who require the use of a C-Pap machine!

 Other Sustainability Features:

  • Products are built in the US - The US has strict environmental and labor regulations and products are produced with the moral and environmental guidelines that are important to most Americans. We pride ourselves in using Davis Tents which are manufactured in Colorado. 

  • 100% Organic Cotton Canvas Wall Tents - Our canvas wall tents require very little materials that are derived from petrochemicals. Canvas is biodegradable and due to their long lifespan, few canvas tents ever end up in a landfill. 

  • Small Carbon Footprint - Traditional structures require an abundance of natural resources. However, our tents require a minimal amount, leaving a smaller carbon footprint. 

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